Three off-season regulations

Establishing guidelines to conserve nature and prevent climbing incidents

The solitary peak of Fujisan is the highest in Japan. Weather conditions can be severe at any time of year, but many people do not take the climb seriously. As a result, many dangerous and fatal climbing incidents occur. During the summer climbing season* more than 300,000 people visit the mountain. At other times of year many climbers many also be seen. To conserve the natural environment of Fujisan and to prevent climbing incidents, the Ministry of the Environment, Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures, local administrations, tourism associations, and other interested parties have forms the Council to Promote the Proper Use of Fujisan, which has drawn up Guidelines for Safety Climbing Fujisan.

* Mountain trails and other facility open from early July to early September.

No one is allowed to ascend the mountain unless they are fully prepared.

People who do not have sufficient knowledge, adequate equipment, and a proper climbing plan are prohibited from climbing Fujisan. Particularly during the off-season, when weather conditions may be severe, when all of the mountain trails are toilet facilities, and when cell phone signal transmission is poor, climbing safety is a challenge.

A Climbing Plan must be completed and submitted.

Anyone who climbs Fujisan is personally responsible for his or her own safety. Before beginning the ascent, however, to aid rapid response for rescue in case of distress or disappearance, you must complete and submit* a Climbing Plan that lists route, schedule, equipment, group members, and who to contact in case of emergency. Be aware that, even after submitting a Climbing Plan, you may not receive permission to enter the mountain.

*Address for submission is on reverse side of plan.

Off-season climbers bring their own portable toilets.

Above the 5th station, huts and public lavatories are closed during the off-season. So as to preserve the natural environment, climbers must bring and use portable toilets and, after descent, properly dispose* of their contents.

* There are no disposal facilities on the mountain.

Guidelines for Safety Climbing Fujisan [PDF]

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